Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work

The tools your employees want

This is what you need– Google app is a cloud based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device.This is a golden reason to realize why 5+ million businesses are going google. It is simple to setup,easy to manage and allows you to work smarter and focus on what really matters. It has been designed with apps like gmail,calender,drive,docs,sheets,slides which will fit in your business decorum.It has something for everyone.This will make your working experience more collaborative and secure.

Cut IT Cost

Google Apps help you cut your IT cost upto 65% depending on your current IT infrastructure.

– Do not require you to invest hugely on Email & Data Server hardware and Software, Client SW, Disaster Recovery, Maintenance, Scalability, Email Archiving, Huge Intangible costs, Spam Filtering, End-point security and many more.

– Only require internet and device to connect to your corporate account. Rest all is taken care by Google Cloud.

No Scheduled Downtime

Regular feature updates happen on Google Cloud at the backhand; which means your Google Apps is upgraded just by a refresh of a browser. Uptime 99.9% SLA Guaranteed on core Google Apps Services and premium Technical Support.

– Do not require any lengthy installations, upgrades and patches to be run on your server and waste time and resources.


Real Time Collaboration, Document editing, 1-to-1 or 1-to-many Text/Audio/Video Chats and hangouts while team projects, easy sharing with 1 or many team groups and many other features makes it one of most used and explored web tool for millions of businesses today worldwide.

–– Do not require you to buy anything separately or waste time and resources.

Tasks can be completed faster

All team members works on one document, avoiding complex attachment controlling. You can even control the versions so that you can jump to most relevant version of same document. This will help in faster transferring of information within the organization.

Sharing made Easy

Share your document with clients, teams and others either as an attachment, or a link or keep it private. Working together and sharing under the decorum of confidentiality was enabled efficiently.

A A A A [Mobility]

Access Anytime Anywhere Any-Device

While you use Google Apps either on Laptop or Mobile or Tablet or PC; all your data is synced in real time providing you seamless cloud experience and optimum class automation/SSO.

Now, sales team will get big boost on the go with Google Apps. Track lead information on mobile, share with team in real time and save more time in sales cycle. Google Apps is Scalable solution. You can scale up or down your users as per your requirement without the need to purchase any additional server hardware or software.

What this means to your business?

You can scale up or down your users as per your requirement without the need to purchase any additional server hardware or software.