Google Apps Reseller in HYDERABAD

Over 5 million businesses today use Google Apps as their technology backbone. Communication, collaboration, data security and storage are the key components of a productivity suite, and Google Apps handles these functions and more in a quick, safe and easy to use environment. Deployment General Data P. Limited is an authorized Google Apps Reseller and can help you decide whether Google Apps is the right business toolset for you. We’ll guide you through the selection process, and take care of migration, implementation, training and support.
Gmail is the web mail service tested at Google that offers users with 30 gigabyte of storage. Gmail for Work is integrated with chat and user can access their data anytime, anywhere. Gmail for business have lots of innovative features like labels, filters, hangouts, send mail as,mail delegation, mail forwarding, gmail labs, signatures, vacation responders and many more intuitive features. Gmail help businesses to send any information quickly and with high class security. Using Gmail, you can send and receive emails and create an address book. Google apps for work have strong multiple layer of Anti-Spam and Antivirus filtering that automatically filters all mail. Smart labels sends all spam mail is automatically sent to spam folder.
Using Google calendar you can create schedule and events. Basically, Calendar is used for any meeting in businesses. You can quickly share calendar by which employee of the company can see easily the detail of the event. If you want to share group calendar for holidays then your company observes your organisation for meetings.
Google Drive is created by Google. Google drive is the single place to access, store and share the file. Using Google drive, you can store Excel sheet, presentation and any documents. If you have Gmail or Google account then you won’t need to create an account at drive. You can sign in on drive using Gmail account. Google drive is available for many devices like Window vista, Window XP, Mac OS X, android phone and tablets. Google gives 30GB of drive storage for all Google Apps user. Google drive store all types of file including PDF, presentation, photo, video and more.
Hangout is developed by Google. Google Hangout is used for message and video chat. User can send and receive text using hangouts. You can group video chat using Hangout. You can hold conversation between two and more users. Google hangout can be used desktop, laptop and android phones. The main feature of the Google Hangout is “Hangout on air” allow you to broadcast your text to a large group.
Google apps message is the encryption service for Google apps users. All the data of is in encrypted form sent over the email in the email security.

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